Indonesia Ranked 6 of the Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Indonesia ranks sixth as the most beautiful country in the world. This achievement was reported by the British publisher, Rough Guides, who conducted a trail of opinion to netizens from various countries in the world.

In the report, the Rough Guides compiled a list of the 20 most beautiful countries in the world. Indonesia managed to occupy sixth place, below South Africa, Italy, New Zealand, Kanda, and Scotland which were in the top position.

This report also emphasizes that Indonesia has succeeded in surpassing countries in the Continent of Asia such as India, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and South Korea.

Minister of Tourism (Menpar) Arief Yahya was pleased with the title of the sixth most beautiful country in the world for Indonesia, reported by Rough Guides.

“This award further strengthens Indonesia’s position as a world-class tourist destination. This also provides new optimism for the tourism sector in the country, “said Menpar Arief Yahya in an official statement on Thursday (01/31/2019).

Through the website, the guidebook provider that was founded in 1982 made recommendations about beautiful countries that are worth a visit.

Indonesia is described as having an attraction as a country that presents a rural atmosphere, the tranquility of remote islands, to the towering mountain peaks.

From the reading polls, Indonesia is considered very interesting because it has 17,508 islands stretching from west to east, and has an extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna.

Not only that, customs, culinary, and more than 500 regional languages ​​also become another attraction for Indonesia. (bas)


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