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Traditional Weddings are increasingly becoming prima donna

Today’s modern wedding styles are in great demand by the public.

One reason is that traditional marriage has a complicated procession. Not to mention, the costs incurred for traditional marriages are greater because it requires a series of mandatory events

However, the Marketing Director of Parakrama Organizer Arief Rachman said that public interest was still high in carrying out traditional marriages. He also held a traditional wedding exhibition entitled “Indonesian Wedding Celebration 10th Edition”.

The exhibition, which will be held on February 8-10 2019 at Kartika Expo Center, Balai Kartini, Jakarta, is titled Asmarandana which aims to help brides to realize the traditional nuances they have planned.

“This event is proof that traditional nuances are still the ideal and inspiration for most brides,” he said as reported by, Friday (01/20/2019).

Traditional wedding traditions, especially Javanese people are considered to be full of specific procedures, continuous, rich in meaning, and full of aesthetics.

For the custom of Yogyakarta itself, Paes Ageng Kanigaran Yogyakarta is considered to be a prima donna for brides who crave a grand and sacred wedding. According to him, the Javanese style can represent the great sacredness.

The implementation of the Yogyakarta custom will be poured through the creation of the main stage decoration, exhibition area, to the corners of the exhibition space. More than 150 wedding vendors will be available at this exhibition.

One aspect that must follow the standard is the appearance of the bride. Marketing SISS The Wedding Rostantri explained, every region in Java has a standard that must be obeyed and should not be carried out carelessly.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to details such as facial makeup, clothing, and accessories worn by the bride.

“The technique is already high. A fairy person must have mastery of knowledge, techniques, installation of accessories. Especially installation of paes,” said Rostantri.

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