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Diaspora Indonesia Open Restaurants in America, Serve Rendang to Rawon

Three Indonesian diaspora, namely Robert Manan, Ivan Raintung, and Made Yata founded an Indonesian restaurant in Georgia, Atlanta, America, which was named WIN – Indonesian Grill & Gastrobar. WIN itself stands for Wonderful Indonesia.

The presence of an Indonesian restaurant in Georgia is reinforced by Executive Chef Yono Purnomo who also has an Indonesian restaurant, Yono’s Restaurant in Albany, New York.

WIN – Indonesian Grill & Gastrobar serves a fusion of archipelago dishes with a look and western raw materials such as rendang beef short ribs, rawon New York strips, extracts rich in crème brulee, to gule goat chop.

Even though it is matched with the tastes of Americans, the owners of WIN – Indonesian Grill & Gastrobar ensure that the taste of the dish in the restaurant is still authentic Indonesian.

The Indonesian Ambassador to the United States, Budi Bowo Leksono, was accompanied by the Indonesian Consul General, Houston, Dr. Nana Yuliana, was present at the opening of the restaurant. In his speech, Ambassador Bowo Leksono emphasized the importance of culinary in the world of diplomacy.

“Discussion at breakfast, lunch, or dinner is a good opportunity to build mutual trust between parties so that communication runs well and is more fluid,” he said in an official statement on Thursday (02/07/2019).

In fact, according to Bowo, many agreements can be reached at the dining table, when they cannot be reached at the court table.

Ambassador who is also the chef revealed that food is one of the easiest ways to better understand the culture of a country. Moreover, Indonesian cuisine is not only about food, but also a representation of Indonesia’s culture, diversity, wealth and uniqueness.

Each region of the 17,000 islands in Indonesia uses different spices and spices for each dish, also uses various methods of concocting and cooking. Bowo hopes that the presence of WIN – Indonesian Grill & Gastrobar is a window for the people of Atlanta and surrounding areas to get to know Indonesia further.

The City of Atlanta welcomes the presence of an Indonesian restaurant located at 2285 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30309, USA. This retoran existence is expected to be an alternative culinary destination in Atlanta and enrich the position of Atlanta as an international city in the southern US.

WIN – Indonesian Grill & Gastrobar in Atlanta adds to the number of Indonesian restaurants in the southern part of the United States. Until February 2019, the Indonesian Consulate General in Houston noted that there were 15 fine dining and casual dining restaurants serving Indonesian menus in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Oklahoma. (rls / bas)


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