Baduy Village in Banten, a Village that Refuses Modern Life

Baduy Village, is a remote village in Banten consisting of 2 villages or tribes, namely the Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy) Tribe and the Baduy Luar (Outer Baduy) Tribe.

To reach Baduy Village, a traveler can use train transportation with the final destination of Rangkas Bitung Station. The journey is then continued by car to Ciboleger. Then walk about 2-3 hours to the Outer Baduy Tribe. Whereas for travelers who want to visit the Inner Baduy Tribe, they must travel for 4-5 hours.

There are some things that must be obeyed, such as: not carrying a radio or music speaker, not carrying a guitar or similar instrument, not carrying a rifle or similar weapon, not throwing plastic trash carelessly, not smoking and throwing cigarette butts carelessly, and not doing immoral acts .

While the law of the Inner Baduy Tribe is more complicated such as, it is prohibited to bring toiletries such as soap, toothpaste or the like, and is not allowed to take photos or videos. In general the Inner Baduy tribe does not have a bathroom and has no lighting. All things related to modern and electricity are not allowed.

So don’t be surprised when you visit you don’t find lights, asphalt roads, wall clocks, photo albums and even tableware there made of wood and bamboo. In addition, there are prohibited forests where all residents and visitors are prohibited from entering the area.

What is the life of the Baduy? Baduy have legal, religious, and habits that are different from what is done by people in general. The Baduy tribe adheres to customary law that governs the continuity of their prosperity and welfare.

The legal structure is governed by a chieftain called Puun and not everyone can become puun. Puun is designated from a previous lineage. Religion, in the Baduy Tribe, is a Sunda Wiwitan, an Islamic religion that is limited to the pronunciation of two sentences at the time of marriage, for the obligation of Muslims in general, they do not do so.

The habit of the people is to cultivate in the fields, because their lives depend on nature. So that in one year there are several holy months or called Kawalu, where all Baduy people will be covered by outside tourists. In other words, the ban on tourists entering this month.

Baduy Dalam has only 3 villages, namely Cibeo, Cikeurtawarna and Cikeusik. While in Baduy Luar there are 64 villages and each house is inhabited by two family heads.

The structure of the building is made of bamboo and wood while the roof is made of leaves and as a binding part of the building does not use nails or the like but uses a rope made of wood fibers or leaves. (A. Maulana Nugraha / bas)

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