Pertamina Finds New Oil Reserves in Riau

Joint Operation Agency of PT Bumi Siak Pusako-Pertamina Hulu (BOB), managed to find oil reserves originating from the Benewangi well which was hijacked last December 22, 2018. The discovery of this oil reserve is good news for BOB PT BSP-Pertamina Hulu and the people of Riau and is a good achievement at the beginning of 2019.

With the success of finding this petroleum reserve, it means that BOB PT BSP-Pertamina Upstream can increase its production. Pertamina Hulu Energi’s Exploration Director, Abdul Mutalib Masdar, PT Bumi Siak Pusako Management accompanied by General Manager of BOB PT BSP-Pertamina Hulu, Riry Wurestya Hady, looked directly at the Benewangi well site in Dayun village, Dayun District, Siak Regency.

Abdul Muthalib Masdar appreciated the performance of BOB PT BSP-Pertamina Hulu for its success in finding this oil reserve, and hoped that the immediate preparation of the next strategy would be in the form of post-drill analysis to ensure the amount of reserves that had been discovered and then made commercial.

“So if we look at the existing conditions, we can immediately commercialize or POP (Put On Production), and an evaluation must be carried out so that we can drill other wells around this Benewangi well,” Abdul Muthalib Masdar said in a statement Monday (11 / 2/2019).

Meanwhile, GM BOB PT BSP-Pertamina Hulu, Riry Wurestya Hady was grateful for this finding. It will also look for new reserves in the future.

“Alhamdulillah, for all the blessings God has given, the Benewangi exploration well drilling operation can go according to plan, it is safe even though in the implementation we found several obstacles but ended well with discovery,” said Riry

“We will not stop here and will try to find other reserves of oil reserves to increase national production which will later be enjoyed by the people of Indonesia,” he added.

From the results of tests that have been carried out, it is found that oil originating from Benewangi # J-01 well with a total depth of 2800 ft MD flows to the natural flowing surface of 2 layer prospects, while BOB PT BSP-Pertamina Hulu still evaluates further to calculate the amount of reserves and production that will be produced.

“With the success of this drilling, God willing, we will add to our current oil production. Thank you to stakeholders who have trusted us and all those who have supported this drilling”, concluded GM BOB PT BSP Pertamina Hulu. (fig / ang)

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