Is it true that Avtur Prices in Indonesia are the Most Expensive in ASEAN?

The price of aviation fuel in Indonesian airports is in the spotlight because of the high price. Pertamina’s monopoly on the sale of aircraft fuel has been blamed for the high cost of aviation fuel.

Energy Watch Executive Director Mamit Setiawan said that the price of avtur at Soekarno Hatta International Airport is more expensive than at Changi International Airport, Singapore. He cited data from the Soetta Airport avtur contract price per November 2018 of US $ 107.70 per barrel while at Changi Airport US $ 102.10 per barrel.

“Based on MOPS prices, if we see the right MOPS per barrel,” Mamit told detikFinance, on Tuesday (02/12/2019).

In the regional region, the cheapest avtur price is at Changi Airport which is then followed by KLIA Airport at US $ 103.50 per barrel and Hong Kong Airport at US $ 103.80 per barrel.

Furthermore, the avtur selling price at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok is sold at US $ 105.20 per barrel followed by US $ 106.30 per barrel Don Mueang Airport to US $ 107.10 per barrel at Schiphol Airport.

However, the price of avtur at Penang Airport is more expensive than Soetta Airport, which is US $ 110 per barrel and King Abdul Aziz Airport at US $ 112.10 per barrel.

“Even though Saudi Arabia is famous as a world oil producing country,” Mamit said.

“So we are not the most expensive in ASEAN,” he added.

On the other hand, Pertamina also serves avtur in all Indonesian airports. Even including at airports that are remote locations.

“Pertamina must supply avtur to the airport that is in the remote category. So they have to do cross subsidies. If the private sector wants to enter, then they have to play in remote areas too,” Mamit said. (fig / zlf)

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