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Expensive Airline Tickets, Government Defends People or Airlines?

Flight ticket prices are still expensive. In fact, previously several airlines agreed to reduce flight ticket rates.

So, what exactly is the attitude of the government as a regulator regarding the high price of airline tickets. Government defends the community or the airline?

“Balance (balanced). So we think of everything. Airlines are considered, but the community is also,” said Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi at the State Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (02/13/2019).

Even so, said Budi Karya, the government still appealed to the airline to reduce the price of airline tickets. The airline was urged to immediately lower the ticket prices this week.

“Yes it was tried (down) this week,” he explained.

However, Budi Karya could not specify the amount of the reduction in ticket prices later. Because, the ticket price calculation is done by the company, in this case the airline.

“This is a corporation, we cannot intervene. Let them calculate,” he said. (fdl/fdl)

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