Indonesian President Requests Airline Ticket Prices Down This Week

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) requested that the price of airplane tickets be dropped starting this week. This was conveyed by Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi after being summoned by Jokowi this afternoon.

“Yes, it was tried (ticket prices dropped) this week,” Budi Karya said at the State Palace on Wednesday (02/13/2019).

Even so, Budi Karya did not specify how much the ticket price reduction was requested by Jokowi. Because, said Budi Karya, the calculation of ticket price reduction was carried out by the airline.

“If discussed, the increase will be 10-20%. Even if it goes up. This is a corporation, we cannot intervene. Let them calculate,” he said.

More than that, added Budi Karya, his party will look for ways to immediately reduce the price of these tickets with the airline.

“We will discuss it later so that we can find a way out so that the tariff is more reasonable,” he explained.

Budi Karya also explained, in order to reduce the price of airplane tickets, several calculations were needed, including the calculation of avtur prices. Because, 40% of airline ticket prices are calculated based on avtur prices.

“From a component of approximately 40%, the cost structure is 25-40%. (So) It has an effect,” he said. (fdl/dna)

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