Monang Sianipar Abadi Cargo Expands Expansion to Semarang

PT Monang Sianipar Abadi (MSA) cargo enlarges its business by opening a new warehouse in Semarang.

PT MSA Cargo Chairman Monang Sianipar said that the warehouse in the North Semarang area is 2,310 square meters and is expected to boost the logistics business.

“I hope that with the operation of this new warehouse, it will help the availability of warehouses that are still relatively small, especially Central Java,” Monang said in his official statement on Monday (2/18/2019).

The construction of this warehouse, he said, is not without risk, considering that at that time, the economy was still unstable and underdeveloped.

In addition, since 2000 until now, MSA Kargo has completed the construction of a logistics warehouse in stages. In September 2016, the company was able to build a warehouse with an area of ​​6,000 square meters.

Meanwhile, he continued, the availability of infrastructure, especially regarding road access, was considered capable of encouraging logistics companies in Central Java.

According to him, the existence of a toll road that connects various cities in Java, will facilitate and accelerate the activities of freight forwarding services.

“The existence of the Trans Java toll road has a very positive effect on the development of logistics companies. We think that everything will be in vain if it is not balanced with the availability of an adequate logistics industry,” he said.


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