The French contractor will join in building the MotoGP circuit in Mandalika

Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) will build a MotoGP circuit in Mandalika, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). For its construction, ITDC will partner with a French contractor, Vinci Construction.

Director of Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) Abdulbar Mansoer said the construction of the circuit will take place this September. Initially, the road will be built first by ITDC.

Then by Vinci street standards will be improved based on the rules of MotoGP.

“If the road (circuit) from Vinci investment, they are the ones who build it. So the road is basic from us first, Vinci continues to proceed until the test is feasible according to standards,” he told detikFinance, Friday (2/22/2019).

Furthermore, he explained the collaboration with Vinci was carried out with a leasing scheme for 80 years with a track length of 4.32 kilometers (km) and 18 bends.

“The Vinci leased 80 years. The role of ITDC promoted and then coordinated. Built on a 106 ha area with a length of 4.32 km with 18 turns,” he said.

For your information, the MotoGP circuit in Mandalika was built with the concept of street race. That is, the street was opened to the public when there was no match. The circuit is targeted for completion in 2021. (zlf / zlf)

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