Indonesia is the 5th Largest Country Gas Exporter

Indonesia is the fifth largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Indonesia’s LNG is exported most to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China and the United States (US).

This achievement was achieved by Indonesia in 2017. But for now there is no recent data regarding the ranking of the top countries for gas exporters.

“Indonesia is still ranked in the top 5 LNG exporters in 2017. The top 5 ranked Indonesian LNG consumers are Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, US,” said Head of SKK Migas, Dwi Soetjipto at the Indonesia-US-Japan LNG Workshop in Pullman Hotels, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (03/05/2019).

Gas reserves in the Asia Pacific hold a portion of 9.4% of the world’s total gas reserves. While China has 2.9% and Indonesia has 1.53% of the world’s gas reserves.

“Since 1977, Indonesia has become a major player in the gas business with 1.53% of the world’s gas reserves,” said ESDM Ministry Director General of Oil and Gas Djoko Siswanto on the same occasion.

Djoko said that Indonesia’s LNG exports amounted to 28.37% while the rest was used for various sectors. The use of gas for power plants is 12.78%, industry 36.19% until exported using 11.33% pipes.

Furthermore, the mix of energy use from gas in 2025 is targeted at 22% and 24% in 2050. “Now gas plays an important role in the energy mix,” Djoko said. (fig / fdl)

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