Minister of PUPR: Jakarta MRT is Good as Singapore MRT

Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono is trying out Jakarta’s integrated highway (MRT) mode. Basuki said, the Jakarta MRT is no less good than MRT in other countries.

“I think hopefully we agree that our impression of the MRT, if it is with MRT-MRT with other countries, is a good MRT. Not inferior to Singapore, with Japan,” said Basuki at the HI Roundabout Station, Jakarta, Wednesday ( 3/3/2019).

Basuki said that currently the progress of the Jakarta MRT construction is almost complete. When it is fully operational, he hopes the public can make the most of it.

More than that, Basuki assesses the presence of the Jakarta MRT can change the attitudes and behavior of the people of Jakarta. For example in terms of cleanliness.

“Why? I think in terms of the station there is an escalator, the place is cleaner. This is one of our weaknesses to maintain cleanliness. It must be very hard. There is no tolerance for cleanliness,” he said.

In addition, Basuki added, with the development of MRT phase II and stage III, people other than Jakarta can share in this mode of transportation. That way, the MRT will be felt more by many parties.

“This is about 16 km from Lebak Bulus to HI. Later we will continue from HI to Kampung Bandan for about 8 km. That will not be maximized. Later the benefits will be felt if from Kembangan to Bantar Gebang, the benefits will be more beneficial this MRT transportation, “he explained.

“Later, if there is a park and ride, there is no need to force people to ride the MRT. So I think we need all of our support. We need to use this public transportation infrastructure,” he said. (fdl / eds)

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