Indonesia Becomes the World’s Largest Tuna Supplier

The fish population in Indonesian waters has increased rapidly. Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti said, the fish population is increasing because the marine ecosystems in Indonesia are increasingly maintained.

This is due to the hard work of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) for the past four years in combating illegal fishing or foreign fishing.

“Our stock of fish in 2014 is only 6.5 million tons. Only by sinking ships, these foreign ships leave. Our stock of fish in 2016 has reached 12.5 million tons. In 2018 the census of fish stocks, stock surveys “The fish will be released by the National Fish Assessment Commission, which is already over 13 million tons,” said Susi at Sahid University, Jakarta, Tuesday (4/4/2019).

In addition to the disappearance of fish thieves, the increase in fish populations in Indonesian waters was also triggered by the control of the use of fishing gear such as cantrang which could damage coral reefs.

With the cantrang ban, marine ecosystems are more sustainable and fish can breed more.

With the large number of fish populations, Indonesia’s fisheries trade balance was ranked first in Asia. Not only that, Susi also said, now Indonesia is the biggest supplier of tuna in the World.

“Finally, two weeks ago the world gave us a label now that the world’s largest tuna supplier is Indonesia. Previously Indonesia was not included in the world tuna supplier. We could. In the past, fishermen saw tuna only 5-10 kg difficult. Now they can fish 90 kg, 70 kg one tail. And that is a reality that cannot be refuted,” she said. (dna)

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