The Indonesia-France Business Forum in Strasbourg Opened Indonesian Non-Oil and Gas Export Opportunities

Strasbourg, France – “Indonesia pays great attention to the city of Strasbourg and the Alsace region, which plays an important role in the French economy, having a grand network in global economy, and where 35% of Alsace companies are funded by foreign capital,” said Mr. Agung Kurniadi, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Indonesia Embassy in the opening the Indonesia-French Business Forum in Strasbourg. 37 French businessmen from Strasbourg and Alsace , as well as companies from Indonesia, included Maesindo (Food Packaging and Hygiene Disposable Products), Rasbora (Coffee), and Indonesian Trading House Incorporated (Multiproducts), attended the forum on Tuesday 30 April 2019 in Hilton Strasbourg, France.

In the forum, the speakers from the Embassy conveyed on Indonesia’s macroeconomics and trade opportunities. Indonesia has introduced numbers of policies to increase competitiveness and create a conducive business climate and opportunities, as well as improved facilities for a better trade relations. The Embassy’s Trade Attache also invited French businessmen to attend the Indonesia Trade Expo (TEI), one of the largest trade shows in Asia. TEI will be held on 16-20 October 2019 in Jakarta.

The Indonesia-France Business Forum also presented testimonies from Indonesian entrepreneurs and French business. Representatives from the Indonesian Trading House Incorporated and Rasbora Café explained various choices of Indonesian products and further trading potential in Indonesia. Meanwhile Michelin France, represented by Mrs. Nora Guitet (Corporate Public Affairs), shared 21 years of success story in operating in Indonesia. In general, the Indonesia-France Business Forum in Strasbourg opened opportunity for Indonesian exports of approximately 650,000 Euros.

The forum also witnessed the signing of a B-to-B cooperation agreement between Trading House Indonesia Incorporated and the Le Warung Coffeeshop (based in Paris), for the opening of Indonesian coffee shop in the Montmartre area of ​​Paris. Hopefully, with the existence of this cafe in popular area in Paris will increase the knowledge of French people about the delicacy of Indonesian coffee, as well as increasing Indonesia’s coffee exports. In the future, the Indonesian Embassy plans to hold two similar activities, namely the High Level Indonesia Investment Infrastructure Forum (July 2019) and the Business Forum in Paris (September 2019). On the sidelines of the forum, the Embassy also met with the govenrment of Strasbourg City to explore bilateral cooperation in the urban settlement sector, urban mobility, and economic and cultural promotion.

Strasbourg is located about 500km east of Paris, in the Grand Est or Alsace region. Together with Brussels and Luxembourg, Strasbourg is the headquarters of the European Union, where several of its main offices are in Strasbourg, such as the European Parliament and the Human Rights Court. Businesses in Strasbourg that have potential to cooperate with Indonesia come from various sector, including food and beverages, heavy equipments and machinery, health, logistics, and services. (ek/pn)



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