The Ministry of Agriculture releases the export of cinnamon to France and the US

The Ministry of Agriculture through Yogyakarta Agriculture Quarantine releases exports of 50 tons of cinnamon in the form of chipped and dry sticks. This export to France and the United States (US) has an economic value of up to Rp. 3.36 billion.

“This is part of the Ministry of Agriculture’s strategic policy in encouraging exports, adding a variety of commodities such as finished products, at least half-finished,” said Head of the Agriculture Quarantine Agency (Barantan) Ali Jamil in a written statement on Wednesday (7/31/2019).

Jamil explained that the processing of cinnamon bark agricultural products is in Klaten Regency, Central Java. While the cinnamon bark comes from West Sumatra, Lampung, North Sulawesi and Ternate. Meanwhile, the processed agricultural commodity industry in Yogyakarta is also known as a vanilla processing place, with a very high level of quality so that vanilla from Papua, NTT and South Sulawesi can be received in processed form in the global market.

“There will be a lot of impacts with community empowerment. If you need help, you can contact us or Agricultural Research and Development which has applicative processed technology,” Jamil added.

On this occasion, the Ministry of Agriculture through Barantan submitted an application map of potential agricultural export commodities for DIY. The i-MACE application (Indonesian Map of Agricultural Commodities Exports) contains information on agricultural commodity export activities in the Agricultural Quarantine Technical Implementation Unit throughout Indonesia.

This application can be used as a tool to make development policies for export-oriented agricultural centers in DIY.
“In the future, there will be more and more number of export-quality agricultural products from Yogyakarta,” Jamil concluded.

While Head of the Yogyakarta Agriculture Quarantine, Ina Soelistyani said based on data from the quarantine automation system, IQFAST, in its working area recorded in 2018 the total exported cinnamon was 288 tons with an economic value of Rp 10 billion.

The destination countries are France, Estonia, the United States and Sweden respectively. While for the current year, as of July 2019, exports of these commodities have reached 215 tons, equivalent to Rp. 11.2 billion with the aim of the United States, France and Estonia.

The Deputy Governor of DIY, KGPAA Paku Alam X who attended and released exports, handed over the plant health certificate, the Phitosanitary Certificate (PC) to four exporters from Yogyakarta. The four are agribusiness entrepreneurs with a compliant category in completing quarantine certification requirements.

Paku Alam X greatly appreciates the encouragement of the central government in improving export performance in DIY, especially market access for business people.

He instructed his staff in the relevant agencies to continue to build synergy in boosting exports, especially agricultural commodities. In addition to the natural resources owned, the opportunity to empower HR for the processed industry is also still wide open, the Deputy Deputy added.

On the same occasion, seven processed agricultural commodities were also released simultaneously to seven trading partner countries with a total economic value of Rp. 22.8 billion.

With the details of the origin of the plantation subsector is nutmeg powder and nutmeg 32.5 tons worth Rp. 5.46 billion of France’s destination, clove flowers with a volume of 10 tons worth Rp. 1.26 billion were exported to the United States; vanilla aims at Germany and the USA with a volume of 3.35 tons worth 13.89 billion and coconut sugar for the Netherlands with a volume of 10 tons worth Rp 350 million.

While for export commodities from the horticulture sub-sector in the form of zalacca which is the superior exotic fruit of the Government of Yogyakarta, 8.6 tons were exported with a value of Rp. 151.9 million with destination countries of Cambodia. Albasia processed wood which is a non-agricultural commodity sub-sector is also exported to China with a volume of 580 CBM valued at Rp 1.7 billion.

In fulfilling the export requirements of destination countries, Yogyakarta Agriculture Quarantine carries out a series of quarantine inspection actions starting from the application for quarantine inspection (PPK on line) by exporters.

Followed by an inspection to the warehouse in the form of a physical inspection to meet the technical requirements of the destination country and the quarantine protocol between countries. To target the pest of agricultural commodities are live insects and fungi and fulfill the import permit of export destination countries.



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