Big Potential in Small and Medium Industries in Indonesia

The Director General of Small, Medium and Various Industries, Ministry of Industry, Gati Wibawaningsih, mentioned that the processed coffee SMEs in Indonesia has huge potential.

Processed coffee SMEs are supported by 13 coffee production centers that spread across various regions in Indonesia, including Aceh, West Sumatra, Riau Islands, Jambi, Bengkulu, Lampung, Central Java, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, South Sulawesi, West Sulawesi and Papua with a total of 476 business units.

“Therefore, the nation wide coffee production still has a great opportunity to continue to grow more, and that is including the SMEs sector. With the huge potential of raw materials, they need to be developed in order to produce processed products that have high added value to meet the export market, “said Gati in Jakarta, Thursday (3/10/2019)

Gati said, since 2013-2017, the volume of Indonesia’s coffee exports reached an average of 458 thousand tonnes per year.

Related to the potential of coffee in Indonesia, Gati said, it supports the Jambi Province as the host of the 2019 International Coffee Day celebration.

At present, Jambi has two registered geographical indications for coffee, namely Sumatra Koerintji Arabica Coffee and Jambi Tungkal Liberica Coffee which are known to have distinctive flavors.

“The celebration that is carried out every year has an aim to celebrate the culture and lifestyle of drinking coffee which is deeply rooted in Indonesian society,” said Gati.

In addition, the celebration was held to give enthusiasm and appreciation to coffee farmers through a movement to increase farmers’ income, increase productivity and quality of Indonesian coffee.

Furthermore, it is also to promote the increase of domestic coffee consumption and stimulate exports of Indonesian coffee products to the international market.

“This International Coffee Day Celebration ultimately aims to improve the welfare of the Indonesian coffee value chain from farmers, industries to coffee retail service providers,” said Gati.

Aside from Jambi, Bengkulu Province is also one of the biggest coffee producers with an average of 56.88 thousand tonnes per year from Robusta and Arabica coffee types.

“We will also be supporting Bengkulu as the host of the International Coffee Day celebration next year which will take place in October 2020,” said Gati.

According to Gati, Bengkulu is one of the provinces included in the “golden triangle” of coffee, together with Lampung and South Sumatra. “Especially Robusta type. From the taste, Bengkulu coffee has also been recognized as tasty beans, “added Gati.

Bengkulu is home to 66,999 coffee farmers in 10 districts / cities, and 64,632 robusta coffee growers. Its production output has reached 55,168.9 tonnes (as of 2016). As for Arabica coffee, the number of farmers is around 2,367 farmers, with production of 1,506 tonnes.

Through its potential, Bengkulu Provincial Government is planning to hold a World Coffee Conference. At the moment in Bengkulu, there are 146 coffee business owners that fall into the SME sector category. (bas)


Source: Indonesian Ministry of Industry
Editor: Baskoro Dien

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