Indonesian Mangosteen Charms Several Asian Countries

Mangosteen from Purwakarta Regency has penetrated into the international market. Quoted from, as many as 3,010 tons of Purwakarta mangosteen were exported to several Asian countries in early 2019.

There are numbers of country that really love to enjoy the mangosteen from Indonesia: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and several other ASEAN countries.

Mangosteen from Purwakarta has its own characteristics that is clean inside because it is supported by rainfall and adequate plantations of mangosteen plantations.

The area of ​​mangosteen plantations in Purwakarta reaches 1,500 hectares. The land is spread in five districts, namely Bojong, Kiarapedes, Darangdan, Wanayasa, and Pondoksalam.

Head of Purwakarta Regency’s Food and Agriculture Service, Agus Rachman Suherlan said “The land in Purwakarta is suitable for mangosteen plantation. We need to maintain the quality of the fruits so the market can be bigger in the future.


Writer: Baskoro Dien
Translator: Muhammad Rizal Saanun

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