Spicy Food Trends

In recent years, spicy food is being favoured by the people of Indonesia. This trend is predicted to last for a long time.

Professional Chef Yuda Bustara said, the spicy food trend is growing rapidly because the Indonesian people love the spicy taste and are accustomed to it.

“Therefore, I am sure there will be no end to the spicy food trend,” said Chef Yuda.

Unfortunately, lately the spicy flavor that is presented by the “spicy food” industry players is no longer common. This can be seen with the word ‘dead spicy’ or high level spiciness.

In fact, the very high spicy taste will only turn off the original taste of the main food. For example spicy Geprek chicken, “You can hardly taste the chicken as the main ingredient because it is covered by spicy flavor,” he explained.

As a culinary expert, Chef Yuda added that, he also understands very well that every person taste influences people’s judgement on a dish.

Almost everyone likes spicy food, but not everyone likes excessive spicy taste. That is where the importance of choosing the right spicy flavour so the dish can be enjoyed as a culinary experience.

“In short, the true spicy taste is indeed an important part of cooking,” concludes Chef Yuda.


Writer: Baskoro Dien
Translator: Muhammad Rizal Saanun

Source: Investor Daily


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