The Digital Economic Change Session in Indonesia is a Provision for Diplomats

The CEO Update activity that is held for Service Staff or diplomats from the Foreign Service Staff School of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an event that is held every week. This time the topic raised was “Digital Economic Change in Indonesia”.


JAKARTA – KABARE.ID: Pusdiklat Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) through the School of Foreign Service Staff (Sesdilu) made a visit to the office of PT. Access Digital Frontier (Access Digital) which is a subsidiary of PT. Valdo Investama (Valdo) at Cyber 2 Tower, Kuningan, South Jakarta.

Director of Sesdilu, Renata Siagian said, the visit was a Sesdilu weekly program titled CEO Update so that the participants were equipped with strategic/material issues every week.

This time the CEO Update that was appointed was the topic of “Digital Economy Change in Indonesia”.

“The Sesdilu participants this time were invited to learn how Valdo, through the Indonesia Access platform, built Indonesian SMEs. How to promote SMEs and overcome the difficulties of finding sellers who can communicate with buyers, “said Renata on the sidelines of the event.

On the occasion, Valdo’s CEO, Reza V. Maspaitella explained how Valdo built the concept of transformation from SMEs and traditional shops to digital without destroying the existing ecosystem. Meanwhile, Indonesia Access COO, Vanina Gaciopo explained in more detail how the role of Indonesia Access helped Indonesian SMEs to enter the global market.

Renata said, in the past the Indonesian Government had experienced difficulties when connecting between buyers and Indonesian SMEs because the technology had not yet developed. Eventually there was a misinformation where Indonesian SME products could not be accepted because they did not meet the market standards in the country.

“Previously we had an incident like that, because our SMEs did not understand the standard. With the presence of Indonesia Access, it is expected to become a bridge between Indonesian SMEs and overseas buyers. This is also very useful for diplomats to promote Indonesian products in the future, “she said.

Renata hopes that through this activity the Foreign Ministry Sesdilu participants can enrich insights that can be useful when asked to take strategic policies. “So they can recommend greater background information to superiors,” She said.

About Sesdilu

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Puslulat) Training Center is holding a 65th batch of the Foreign Service Staff School (Sesdilu) from 7 October to 20 December 2019.

Sesdilu is a mid-level diplomatic school that aims to improve the competence of young Indonesian diplomats.

Participants in the 65th batch of Sesdilu consist of 29 intermediate diplomats who have worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more than 10 years and have been placed in one RL representative abroad.

The 65th class session with the theme, “Building Economic Diplomacy Capacity through Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. As part of the Sesdilu curriculum, each week the participants will be equipped with strategic issues / material related to the weekly theme.

About Indonesia Access

Indonesia Access is a B2B marketplace of PT Access Digital Frontier, a subsidiary of Valdo Investama which bridges quality products from Indonesia to the global market.

Driven by a strong belief in the capacity of Indonesian SMEs and a mission to bring quality Indonesian products to the global market, the Indonesia Access team is committed to finding the best Indonesian products and providing positive experiences for international buyers.


Translator: Muhammad Rizal Saanun

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