Indonesian Nutmeg Exports Restore the Glory of the Indonesian Archipelago

Nutmeg is one of the Indonesian spices originated from Maluku which has been cultivated for generations in the people’s plantations in Maluku Islands.

Indonesian nutmeg has a high value in the global market as it has a peculiar aroma and high oil yield. Countries that are the main destinations for Indonesian nutmeg exports are Vietnam, European Union, United States and the Netherlands.

Based on the data from Directorate General of Plantations, Indonesian nutmeg production in 2018 amounted to 36.242 tons with a total planting area of ​​202.325 ha.

North Maluku has the largest production region of nutmeg totaling to 8.325 tons. Followed by Aceh, Maluku, West Papua and North Sulawesi which produces 6.273 tons, 5.774 tons, 5.675 tons and 5.201 tons respectively.

In 2018, most of Indonesia’s nutmeg commodities were exported to Vietnam with a volume of 9.188 tons which was followed by the European Union totaling to 3.979 tons, the United States reaching 1.402 tons, and the Netherlands by 1.108 tons.

Observed through the eyes of trade, nutmeg commodity is still one of the commodities that recorded a surplus in the foreign trade balance. In 2018, the surplus value of the foreign trade balance for the nutmeg commodity reached US $ 108.29 million.



Writer: Baskoro Dien
Translator: Muhammad Rizal Saanun


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