Indonesian Palm and Moringa Leaves Exported to South Korea

The relations between South Korea and Indonesia are increasingly good, especially in trade as a result of a joint declaration of Indonesia-Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement/ IK CEPA). The agreement resulted in a significant increase of import export activities.

The Ministry of Trade also holds a trade mission in South Korea led by Minister of Trade, Agus Suparmanto. This mission is expected to open trade channels for Indonesia’s superior products that cannot be produced in South Korea.

“Our trade mission this time is to bring businesses such as ceramics, yarn, plywood, veneers, konjac powder, dried fish and fish products, seaweed, garments, moringa leaves, cocoa powder, coffee, palm oil, and tea, “said Agus.

Agus said that of the many products they present, the one promising prospects is the export of palm oil. He said that the prospect of exporting palm oil from Indonesia to South Korea is very good because the commodity could be used as a cosmetic and food ingredient in South Korea.

In addition, commodities such as dried seaweed and processed moringa leaves are required for health and skincare. This is compatible with South Korean culture that focuses on skin care products.

Writer: Baskoro Dien
Translator: Muhammad Rizal Saanun

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