Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City Eyes Maluku’s Tuna and Squid

Kaohsiung City in Taiwan is interested in the fishery potential of Maluku Province, specifically in tuna and squid commodities.

“They are very interested in Maluku, as they know that we are very famous in the world with huge fishery potential, especially for tuna and squid,” said Maluku Governor, Murad Ismail, during his visit to Taiwan at the end of November.

Governor Murad said that his visit was to initiate cooperation in the field of fisheries, as Kaohsiung is an international maritime city as well as the largest industrial city in Taiwan.

“This is a very good opportunity. Not only can I observe firsthand on the existing fishing industry center in Kaohsiung, but in parallel discuss the development strategies and sustainable cooperation in the field of fishery and maritime,” he said. Murad added that the Mayor of Kaohsiung City invited the government of Maluku province to see the fish processing site in Kaohsiung.

“They express that if we are interested and willing to establish a mutual agreement, it will be followed up for future actions,” Governor Murad explained.

He also said that the Taiwan government, represented by the Kaohsiung City Government wished to also visit Maluku.

“Taiwan and Kaohsiung City’s government officials said they would make a return visit to Maluku, and hoped for an invitation from the Government of Maluku Province. However, I had verbally invited them to come to Maluku,” Murad concluded. (bas)


Writer: Baskoro Dien
Translator: Muhammad Rizal Saanun

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