About Us

Indonesia is an archipelago country rich in natural resources, agriculture, marine, mining and other biodiversity, making Indonesia a pearl on the equator. Agriculture, maritime and the richness of the mining sector are the strength of Indonesia’s economy and national empowerment.

Although Indonesia possess a rich biodiversity, equity in the distribution to society has not been reached, mainly due to an infrastructure barrier. The economy growth at a community level is still low and local people have difficulties in accessing the market and capital they need to growth.

By utilizing advanced technology, Indonesia@ccess helps local traders and the government to distribute and empower local and regional economy.

Indonesia@ccess foster business to gain access to international markets, increase involvement in the global production network, including the tourism sector, develop business partnerships and attract investment flows into Indonesia. Improving the ecosystem so as to realize an independent Indonesian society that is quality and empowered.

“Indonesia@ccess is a digital service platform empowering local people’s economy, promoting Indonesia to foreign countries in the fields of trade, tourism and investment.”

Vision of Indonesia@ccess

Empower Indonesia economy through one stop digital platform solution providing online export, customize travel experience and investment opportunities.

Mission of Indonesia@ccess

Providing excellent service and up-to-date trends understanding in order to promote Indonesia in the trade, tourism and investment fields, as well as to provide access to markets export opportunities, improve the economy in the tourism sector and open up investment opportunities in Indonesia.

Indonesia Access together with KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) is committed to assist the government in reaching its economic- equality goal through one stop solution, in this case an Indonesian digital home platform promoting both embassies / consulates,  KADIN’S representatives and KADIN’s partners abroad and actively participating in international events.