About Us

Upon founded in 2016, Indonesia@ccess consistently provide a one integrated service which enables a real time banking transaction (withdraw, transfer & account mutation) E-commerce (sell-buy), payment, logistic, education access, travel to a small trade community access throughout Indonesia.

Our goal is to provide an easy access for a transaction to a conventional businessman, and to bridge a local manufacturer (farmer, fisherman, handy-craft worker, cooperative, small trader) directly to the consumers in order to accelerate the economic growth of communities and regions. We purposely design the system so the harvest crop of our local manufacturer throughout Indonesia can be seen and exposed directly by the local and international consumers. Our other goal is also to be able to control the price fluctuation of the primary need food from producers to consumers, so there's no significant over amount difference, with a hope to stabilize or lower the price of the primary food in the market as a real proof to make a better Indonesia in the future. We believe the easy access we give can help other people's dream come true.


"Become The Digital House of Indonesian Economy"