Americans are Starting to Enjoy Consuming Vegetarian Foods

Vegetarian food sales are growing five times faster than total food sales in the United States last year.

According to data recently released by the Good Food Institute (GFI) advocacy group and the Plant Based Food Association (PBFA) trade group, the food market in the United States grew by two per cent, while sales in the vegetable food sector grew by 11%, or worth $4, 5 billion.

“Vegetarian food is an engine of growth, significantly exceeding overall sales of food ingredients,” PBFA Senior Director Julie Emmett said.

Meanwhile, Director of GFI Corporate Engagement, Caroline Bushnell said that the high level of consumer interest in plant foods is in line with the changing value of society about healthy lifestyles and the sustainability of the earth.

‘This growth will continue because more companies are bringing a new generation of innovation to markets that were previously only concerned with taste,” said Caroline Bushnell.

The study was compiled by the SPINS analysis company over a 52-week period ending April 29, 2019, as quoted from (bas/mrs)


Writer: Baskoro Dien
Translator: Muhammad Rizal Saanun



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