2020 Food Trends Prediction by Influencers

If you think you have the passion for culinary, you would have stumbled upon some food channels on Youtube. There are so many influencers with these kind of channels that can shift the food trends in the market.

One of them are Kent & Grant who do food review. Gerry Girianza, another influencer, also provides easy and trendy food recipes.

“Lately, the food that becomes a trend is healthy food. Any restaurants that serve healthy and tasty food will get enough hype to be successful in the market.” said Gratia, a food influencer at 2019 IdeaFest event at Jakarta Convention Center.

Gerry Girianza also explained what it takes for food to be a trending food. “Affordable, healthy and sustainable. We are now more aware of the waste that food can produce so packaging is also something that people to pay attention to as we want to live with less waste”.

There are two other important factors to make the food be known for. “Indonesian based ingredients will also make your dishes popular. Ginger torch flower or kecombrang in Bahasa Indonesia has became one of the herbs that people use widely now. They put it on Rice Bowl which contains rice, chicken and kecombrang. Other than those two factors, you can also use a more expensive ingredient but make it as an affordable option. People use wagyu and lobster and present it in such a way that you can eat it as a daily meal.” Grat explained more.


Source: Dream.co.id
Editor: Baskoro Dien
Translator: Muhamaad Rizal Saanun

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