Porang Tuber, Formerly Disposed Now Moneymaker

Porang tuber is currently at its popularity height as it has proven to successfully make the farmers in Kepel Village, East Java, to be billionaires after Porang have been successfully exported.

The tubers included in Amorphophallus muelleri species are also commonly called iles-iles. Aside from having a monetary value, it also has many other benefits, as it is usually used as material for flour, cosmetics, water purifier, and jelly that has been exported to Japan.

Quoted from doktersehat, Porang can provide health benefit such as relief from constipation. This benefit was based on research released by Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2008.

For losing as well as maintaining weight, Porang can be an option. A study released in 2005 mentioned that taking glucomannan supplements made from Porang plant is effective to burn circa 1200 calories. Glucomannan in Porang is also beneficial in treating skin health.

As a tuber that has a variety of benefits, Porang can also be used to treat inflammation, prevent and treat diabetes, as well as lower blood pressure.

Not only beneficial for health, Porang can also be used as an electrical insulator. Glucomannan (in the form of gel) in Porang, can be used as a substitute for silicone gel in electric insulator.

Not running out of its benefits, Porang can amazingly be used as a mixture for aircraft and parachute components. These irregularly shaped tubers are also utilized as a mixture in manufacturing polish cloths, paper adhesives, paints, cotton and wool fabrics, and is an imitation material which is cheaper with better characteristics compared to milum.

As it has cellulose-like character, it can also be a substitute for gelatin as a material for making film negatives, insulators, and celluloid. (bas)


Writer: Baskoro Dien

Translator: Muhammad Rizal Saanun

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